Heather Pesola Bio

I carry an Equine Science degree from the College of Southern Idaho and a Secondary English degree from Idaho State University. I have taught English full time for four years.

This year, I will be teaching the following classes: ESL English, 11th and 12th grade British Literature, 7th and 8th grade Computer, 12th grade Speech, and 9th grade Health.

Grade 11-12 British Literature: Students will develop a basis for clear understanding of basic English grammar and increase their proficiency in the use of English. Writing instruction and assignments will take the students through the writing process as it applies to literary analysis essays and current MLA format. Students will learn Greek and Latin roots and will learn foundational concepts necessary to the study and appreciation of literature. Students will also memorize one poem per month.

Grade 12 Speech: This course is meant to train students to share their faith in Christ with others. The student’s confidence and thinking skills will improve and will be given the opportunity to embrace the challenge of communicating a Christian viewpoint to a secular world.